What I’m reading, the week ending 15 September

I know yesterday I forgot to post what I’ve been reading in the past week and between trying to work on my next book and a whole bunch of stuff I’ve been working on and dealing with it’s going to be a very short list this week, but I have something else for you guys (and gals) that I hope makes up for it.

  • Karin Cox – Growth. This book of poetry was one of the first ebooks I got from SW and I can’t believe it took me so long to read it. It’s my top recommendation this week, especially for the poem “Cancer.”
  • Roger Harrison – The Misunderstanding. A very short read at about 630 words, this book takes a look at how two people could see an interaction with someone they’re attracted to. My biggest problem with it is it seems a tad too familiar for some weird reason.
  • Danny H Jorgense – Naissance (2020). This little sci-fi gems is the first in a series, opening the series with the story about “the day everything changed.” I know it’s a trope but this story is well told, and I look forward to reading more of the series. Whatever you do, make sure you take the time to read this.

Th-Th-Th-Th-Th-… That’s all, folks. It’s a short list this week, and I have a lot of books in Calibre waiting for me to read them. You may notice that most of these books are pretty short, and there’s a reason for that. When I add them to Calibre I open the book to get a page count, then have Calibre sort by the number of pages in each book. That way I can get the shorter ones out of the way so I can have some uninterrupted time to read the longer ebooks I’ve downloaded. Trust me, I’m going to love passing along some of the longer books I’ve discovered on Smashwords, and with very few exceptions each one was free when I got it, which is yet another reason I want to get as many books read each week so I can let you know to get them while they’re still free (in case the author is planning a price increase after a while like I was going to do for HWTB).

Pictures anyone?

One of the things I’ve done this past couple of weeks is to try to put together a book trailer for HWTB, and while it’s not ready to share yet it did get me thinking in terms of making some desktop wallpaper if anyone would want them. These are just thumbnails, and each wallpaper will be 1366×768. I may make them in other sizes if my readers ask for them, and yes, every one will lose the watermark if they get posted for downloading. Here’s the first, and it uses an image I’m using in the book trailer.

Wallpaper#1 thumbnail

The second one uses just the image I used for the cover of HWTB, and it’s the image I use for the header of my new Twitter account.

Wallpaper #2 thumbnail

The third one is an image that I made for my own desktop. It uses an image someone shared on the SolydXK Forums that I’ve personalized to create a virtual work area for my writing. It includes some of the ebooks I use as I write and get my ebooks ready for publication as well as the logos for all of the stores that are selling He’s With the Band. It also has the cover artwork for HWTB, Somewhere… and More, and a working cover for the mystery I’m working on that I created with Calibre.

Wallpaper #3 thumbnail

What do you guys think? Would you be willing to download any of the wallpaper images for your own computer? Let me know in the comments and tell me what size you’d need the wallpaper to be if you don’t use a widescreen display.

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