There seems to be a problem with my Flickr account

I’ve been posting a new kitten picture every day since the kittens were born. When I tried to post a new picture today I got an error as if my account was non-existent. I’ve reached out to Flickr to see what’s going on, but since I can’t post today’s picture to Flickr, I’ll post it here.

Three of Babe's babies checking out a cat bed that some friends got for Babe

Some friends from Dodgers Twitter bought Babe a cat bed as a Catmas gift but it was a little small for her. I set it up last night to see if the kittens might like it. These three seem to think it’s pretty comfy. The kitten on the right went in it today and was happy to chill out in the bed by herself.

My Two Lives has a new look

As I’ve uploaded pictures and videos to Flickr and YouTube, I decided it was time to update the logo and branding for the site. I’m glad to be able to present a new look for My Two Lives across my various platforms.

Logo for Transbian Studio, my home recording studioAs I started setting up my home recording studio I created a logo for the studio, even though I’ll probably be the only person recording racks in it. It’s visible in the photo on that article as the bug in the lower right corner, and it’s based on the transbian (transgender lesbian) flag that HunterCatato shared on Reddit. I also included pictures of the Squier Strat and microphone I use.

The New Logo

The rebranded logo for the site uses the transbian flag and adds a Fender Stratocaster icon to represent my music, a cat icon for my request posts everywhere about the feline overlords in my house, and an icon with someone jumping into their computer screen to represent my use of the Second Life virtual worlds and communities.

My Two Lives logo (YouTube version)

I created the basic logo was created with the logo maker from Namecheap. the company that handles the hosting for my various websites. In the coming weeks, my YouTube channel will carry the My Two Lives moniker, and you can find my photostream on Flickr at (Yes. it changed with the rebranding. I’m updating the links where needed.)

Follow me on the things

There are so many things coming up this summer, and I hope you’ll follow My Two Lives on all the things so you don’t miss anything. You’ll notice I don’t have any links to X (née Twitter), Facebook, or Instagram. Those platforms have been taken over so much by haters that both as a trans person and as someone who cares about those who are voiceless, I refuse to give them my time or my data. I’m too old and do too many things to have the energy to deal with that kind of [Nan-E filter]male cow droppings[/Nan-E filter].

Babe’s babies are coming along nicely

Babe’s babies are three days old today, and they’re so sweet to look at, I’m glad I don’t check my blood sugar more often than I do.

Babe's Babies - Day 3: A mound of adorable baby kittensI try to get at least one picture a day, and I’ve created Babe’s new babies, a Flickr album with the best pictures I get of Babe and her babies from every day. I’ve also created Babe’s Babies, a playlist of the videos I get of the furry family. There’s only one video right now, but I’ll be adding at least one or two videos every week.

You’ll want to check those two links often to see the latest photos. There will be a lot of furry content coming over the next 6-8 weeks as the kitties get ready to go on to their new homes.

The AM radio station I grew up listening to is now an FM station with the same music

I love listening to WWOZ, a radio station in New Orleans owned by the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Foundation. I’ve often said I wish I could have listened to it growing up, but it didn’t exist until 1986. But as a teenager in the 70s, there was an AM radio station that was always on around my grandparents’ swimming pool, and I practically lived in that pool during the summer for a lot of years. This week I learned that the radio station I listened to is now a classic hits FM station, and it’s not owned and programmed by some radio conglomerate with a sound like hundreds of other stations across the country.

WTIX-FM's logo with a classic jukeboxWTIX has been brought back as an FM radio station, and just reading the description on their website reminds me of those hot summer days around the pool.

WTIX 94.3 FM’s heritage call letters originate from the legendary Top 40 AM station WTIX 690 AM, “The Mighty 690.” WTIX 690 AM New Orleans dominated the airwaves from the 1950s into the 1980s as America’s first Top 40 radio station, and the FM station debuted initially as its sister station in 1995.Today TIX FM continues the legacy of the original TIX AM featuring the classic hits, heritage TIX jingles, and the famous “Chime Time” that rings when the personalities give the time on the air – a feature that was also a staple of Musicradio WABC New York in its heyday.

The website hasn’t been updated since 2020, but you can find WTIX-FM streaming on many online radio streamers like TuneIn. (I listen to The Mighty 690 on TuneIn.) Even if you didn’t grow up in New Orleans in the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s, if you like the music from those decades you should check out the WTIX-FM stream. It may just bring you back to the spots that you grew up in. I may have to make it the official radio station at the Pride Lanes Bowling Center in Second Life.

Congratulations to a new furry mamma

Today, the combined family in my building got a bit bigger. Babe, my neighbor’s cat, had kittens. Mom and babies are doing fine, and I was able to grab a picture of the new family.

Babe and some of her newborn kittens

Some of the kitties already have new homes waiting for them, and I know the others will go to homes where they will be welcomed and loved.

I’m now on Flickr

I’ve been on Flickr for a while for my Second Life avatar’s store, Nanci’s Naughties. But I realized I should also have one to share pictures from my First Life as well.

JM Hardin on FlickrToday I created a new account on Flickr where you can find photos of me, my music, and the food I enjoy. Of course, it will also have photos of Babe, my upstairs neighbor’s feline overlord. She has run of the house and can’t have an account for sharing my photos without having my cat photos.

You can find my photos on Flickr, and feel free to follow me there. There’s no telling what I’ll post photos of next. Or when.

Finally, Nanci sings in the rain

In July 2020, I got a cute umbrella in Second Life. made their Mandala Umbrella in blue available in the Fifty5 Thursday sale. It had a rainy day version which included rain around the avatar. Since then I’ve been wanting to create a video inspired by Fred Astaire’s classic movie musical number but I struggled to find the right outfit and animations to bring it to life. That has recently changed, and I am now able to create the video I’ve been wanting to make.

Second Life creator Junk Food had their Rainy Umbrella available during last week’s Fifty Linden Friday. Of course, I had to buy it. It didn’t have the amount of rain I wanted for Fred’s song-and-dance number, but it was cute enough to see what I could do with it. I already had a nice tux from Sascha’s Designs, and I found some tap dancing animations from Abranimations. The only thing left was to find the right region to shoot in.

After looking at several regions, I found the 1920s – 1040s New York Time Zone at the Time Portal. I needed a night-time environment,but I also needed some additional light on my avatar. I ultimately used the 3 am environment setting that’s built into the Firestorm viewer, and the area in front of the Time Portal itself got enough light that I wasn’t dancing in the dark during the shoot. (That’s a Springsteen thing, after all.)

The camera work isn’t as smooth as I’d like, but I’m pretty happy with how my first machinima came out.

(Unless otherwise stated, links go to the item on the SL Marketplace)

Nanci Singin’ in the Rain
Shot by Nanci Barthelmess at Time Portal – 1920s – 1940s New York Time Zone (SLurl)
Windlight setting: Shared environment A-3AM
Music: Singin’ In The Rain by Gene Kelly (from Singin’ in the Rain (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack))

Nanci’s Body: Prima Busty (SLurl)
Hair: Stealthic – Mesmer
Tux: SAS – Shaz Tuxedo & Hat Glitter by Sascha’s Designs (NOTE: She’s wearing the Maitreya Lara version, not a Prima Busty version)
Umbrella: Junk Food – Rainy Umbrella (FLF page)
Shoes: -KC- NEDIS PUMPS by KC | Couture
Animations: Delected animations from the Mocap Tap Dance Animations from Abranimations

Home Studio Update: The hardware is in

(The links in this article go to product pages on Musician’s Friend, my preferred source for all my music gear. Musician’s Friend doesn’t have an affiliate program, so I don’t make a commission if you buy from my links.)

Me at my new microphone as if laying down a vocal trackWith today’s delivery of my mic stand and accessories, my home studio hardware is in and ready for recording vocals and guitar parts. My next task: To get the software tweaked so everything plays well with others. Then I can start laying down tracks.

My audio interface is the Focusrite Scarlett Solo Studio (3rd Gen) with the Scarlett Solo interface, the CM25 MkIII condenser microphone, and a pair of HP60MkIII headphones. The mic stand is a fixed boom stand from Musician’s Gear, as is the pop filter, and the shockmount is a Sabra SSM-1 Universal Shockmount.

The Right sure does hate us trans folks

(Content Warning: US federal politics are discussed in this article.)

I try not to post political articles here as a rule. But this evening I got an email from Erin in the Morning Substack that makes me break that rule. The so-called “Freedom Caucus” is threatening to shut down the federal government unless several anti-trans policies are included in legislation to keep the government open.

If the “Freedom Caucus” has a coat of arms it probably includes the phrase “Libertas mihi sed non tibi.” That’s Latin for “Freedom for me but not for thee.” They want to take us back to the days when the people who made the rules were all (supposedly) white folks who didn’t take any crap from anyone who wasn’t in total agreement with them.

Last week, I mentioned that I was finally getting the gear I need to make demos of some of my songs. I’m getting my recording system set up after getting my audio interface yesterday. My song Somewhere Someone Cares will be the first song to get recorded, and I’m also working on recording another song. I wrote a song years ago that got put on the side after I fell out of love with the lyrics. But the music for the song wouldn’t get out of my head, so I need to write some new lyrics for it. I have the chorus already, and this latest move from the ultra-religious right is making me want to get the song finished and out in the world. I think you’ll see what I mean from the lyrics.

The Right is trying to chase us away
The Gays and Lezzies, the Transes and Enbies
They’re saying that we don’t belong
But what they don’t know is we’ve been here forever
They say that we are grooming their kids
But they confuse us with some politicians and church folks
No matter what they do or say
The queers are here to stay.

While Somewhere Someone Cares is a nice blues/progressive rock song, this one is a flat-out rocker. I think it could do nicely as an anthem for the LGBTQ+ community.

If you want your elected officials to stand up for the trans and queer folk against the “Freedom Caucus,” please contact them and let them know. Don’t assume someone else will do it, because they may assume you will.

Read Erin Reed’s Republicans Issue New Government Shutdown Threat Over Trans People on Erin in the Morning.

I finally have SolydK 12 installed

My new SolydK 12 desktopLast week I decided it was time to backup my laptop and have another go at installing SolydK 12. I installed it back in December but something was nomming hard drive space like there was no tomorrow so I quickly went back to SolydK 10. But I have SolydK 12 installed and I can finally run all sorts of shiny programs. The screenshot of my new desktop has a photo of Babe, my neighbor’s feline, that was taken in August.

SolydK is my preferred Linux distribution, and version 12 comes with Plasma version 5.27.5 and runs on Debian Bookworm. Among the programs I can finally run are the Calibre ebook reader version 6.13 and version of the Firestorm viewer for Second Life. Plus, I can finally run the brand-new beta of Firestorm version 7.1.3, which has the new PBR functionality of Second Life. No, it isn’t named for a can of beer, and it’s not codenamed Peanut Butter, although many of us do refer to it as Peanut Butter. It stands for physically based rendering, and rather than try to explain it myself, I’ll just let the always awesome Inara Pey tell you about it. But it does mean one thing I can explain quickly: Second Life has actual mirrors now! Granted, they’re not great mirrors as I write this, but they’re semi-functional mirrors. Yippee!!!!

My brand new mirror in my house in Second Life

As you can see from the sticky note in the desktop screenshot, I’m not having any unexplained hard drive space loss this time, and I’ve got my recording software reinstalled. I’ll be working with that in the coming days, especially since my new audio interface arrives on Tuesday. I’ll be writing a full article about that once I’ve started using it.

It’s getting late, and Babe is already letting me know it’s time for bed, so I’ll leave you with the images I made for this article. As my (admittedly arsehole) brother used to say, be good, and if you can’t, be good at it.

  • My new SolydK 12 desktop
    A screenshot of my new SolydK 12 desktop