A milestone, an invitation and a social media update

As any good writer/geek I love checking the numbers of how many new downloads my book He’s With the Band has gotten every day, and those who have been following me around the interwebs know the numbers are knocking my socks off, possibly agreeing with what the Mythbusters say about that phrase. Over the weekend I saw something that was so amazing I had to create a graphic to celebrate it with.

HWTB hits 1,000 downloads!

Those numbers are due in large part to the downloads from Amazon, and Saturday I finally found out why the download numbers are so high.

Amazon HWTB 130914 rating

You can click on the image to see it full size, but what it says is that He’s With the Band is at #44 in Religious Fiction > Romance books and it’s a notch higher in Romance > Inspirational > Christian. That’s the numbers from Saturday, and when I just checked my book’s page at Amazon I see that I’ve climbed to number 35 on both lists.

An Invitation

Yesterday I was thinking of what I could do for my readers and I decided I’d put the full lyrics of the three songs in He’s With the Band into an ebook, along with the lyrics for the other songs I’ve written since coming to Boston. Somewhere … and More will have the lyrics to the eleven songs I’ve written since coming to Boston (there are a few more but I can’t find the lyrics for them) with a little note about each song. Consider it a little poetry book for those who want to see all of the lyrics for the songs in my first short story.

Now I have an invitation for my readers. I’d like a few people who would like to beta-read Somewhere … and More. Everyone who accepts the invitation will get a link to the PDF of the book as it stands now and a printed thank you in the book once it comes out.

If you’d like to be a beta-reader go to the Contact Me page and send me a message. I’ll send out the emails on Thursday to give everyone a chance to let me know they’re interested, and I’m hoping to get feedback in time to allow me to publish my new ebook on 1 October. Unfortunately this book will be too small for a paperback (to me) so it will be an ebook only release, but I do have the mystery I’m working on that I’m hoping to start getting to beta readers sometime in October.

A Social Media Change

I’ve been having a lot of things going on this summer, let alone this year, and with my writing I have decided to add a new Twitter account to the new website for my writing. After today all of my tweets about my writing will be posted to @JMHardin_writes. I’m having some problems getting my background images uploaded but hopefully that will be fixed soon, and I will make sure there’s something for you to read before the week’s over.

I hope everyone’s having a nice week so far. Don’t let the idiots get you down.

Updated 12:56 PM EDT: I meant to mention that I’ve had 23 downloads from the iBookstore, with four in the UK, and one each in Australia, Ireland, and even Bolivia! Amazon isn’t showing a single “sale” outside of the US. What are y’all waiting for, Amazon?

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