The story behind “He’s With the Band”

I thought since I was starting a site for my fiction writing I’d start it with the story behind He’s With the Band (HWTB), my very first short story, including who the artists mentioned in the first few paragraphs are.

I’ve loved to read for years, and beginning in the late 90’s I had been asked enough times if I’ve ever tried my hand at writing that I decided to take a stab at it. I had never taken a creative writing class outside of English classes in school but I had read enough books that I hoped I could write stories that people may want to read. One of the most given pieces of advice given to new authors is to write what you know, and I used my own life as a starting point for my writing. Of course I made a point of not writing anything too close to my life, for a number of reasons. more “The story behind “He’s With the Band””

“He’s With the Band” gets reviewd by Quiet Lilac

Updated 6 September: Please forgive my tardiness in posting this but it turns out that A.D.Pomeroy, the man behind Dictionary Corner, had to shut the site down due to time commitments. Luckily he moved the review to his other site, Quiet Lilac. I’ve changed the links below to point to the new location. Part of his review also graces the back of the paperback version of He’s With the Band, and I’m glad he allowed me to use his review there.

This morning I saw that one of my fellow bloggers, dictionarycorner, has reviewed “He’s With the Band.” He makes some great points, and as I continue working on my mystery I’m definitely going to keep his comments in mind. more ““He’s With the Band” gets reviewd by Quiet Lilac”