A Holiday Message from Al Simmons and Linda Nadal [Labor Day]

Have you read "He's With the Band" yet? It's free at most ebook stores worldwide.Hi, this is Al Simmons and Linda Nadal from He’s With the Band. I asked J.M. if I could send everyone a message for Labor Day.

Everyone with Omega Glory is amazed at how many people have gotten He’s With the Band. When J.M. told us there had been over 1500 downloads after the book was published we couldn’t believe our ears, and when he told us the other day that we had crossed the 1600 mark for downloads it blew me away.

Wait, cariño, how many? more “A Holiday Message from Al Simmons and Linda Nadal [Labor Day]”

I’m now on Bloglovin!

Today as I was checking up on things WordPress.com (the company that hosts this site) I saw a post about Bloglovin. It looks like a great way to keep up with blogs you love and this site is now available on it. I look forward to seeing what other sites are on it, although I’ll have to make a point to not spend so much time on Bloglovin that I spend even less time actually writing. Tux knows I don’t do nearly enough writing as it is.

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My new most favorite quote? Of course it’s from AFP.

A couple of days ago I got an email from my hero, Amanda Freaking Palmer, and she gave us an update on the book she’s written. In the post is a link to a story about making the cover and she said something that may be my newest favorite quote:

i asked a friend of mine who writes REAL books about this feeling and he said: yes, that’s why i can’t stop writing books. so books are crack, basically. that’s nice to know.

Books are crack. I can dig it, which may explain why I hate having to admit that I haven’t done anything new lately on the rewrite of He’s With the Band. (The quote came from here but I have to warn you that the images in the post are not all safe for work [they get NSFW in other words].)

I have a new scene that I started working on longhand and I just discovered that it never did get typed up. I”ll see about bringing the notebook in tomorrow and typing it up so I can see about getting you all a preview of what’s coming. That is it’s coming if I can ever get it finished. *g*

Have a great weekend, y’all. I’ll try to have something new for you guys (and gals) to read soon, even if it’s just a sneak preview of the HWTB rewrite.

Thanks for your help with the Franklin Park book Kickstarter project

The Franklin Park book has been cancelledUnfortunately the Kickstarter project simply didn’t get the backing it needed and I’ve closed it early. This obviously means the Franklin Park ebook won’t get made at this point, but since the laptop to replace my old one was part of the budget for that project it means that it will continue being difficult for me to do much writing. I still have the rewrite of He’s With the Band that I want to finish but it will take time during the day that gets taken from other tasks to work on it.

Thanks to everyone who backed me and got the word out, especially Amy, Tara and Danielle, as well as Pareesa and everyone over at the Franklin Park Coalition. Perhaps we can try it again at some point because I’d love to get this book made.

Kickstarter Challenge: I need to see $1,200 raised for my Franklin Park book by Monday

If you're going to back my next book on Kickstarter I need you to do it nowAs I write this there are only nine days left in my Kickstarter project to create a photobook of Franklin Park but we’re still sitting at only 4% of the needed $2,900 raised. That’s puzzling because I’ve talked to a lot of people around Boston and I’ve heard a lot of excitement about the book, and with the exception of my very last backer all the money has come from out-of-state family members. The one Boston backer is a friend who used to live in Jamaica Plain and still raves about the area.

If you’re planning on backing my project I need to ask you to do it this weekend. After running the numbers I’ve decided to set a challenge for my backers and prospective backers: I need to raise $1,200 for the project by noon Eastern Time on Monday, 4 August. That’s just over 40%, and I it’s a lot of scratch to raise in a mere four days. But if we can’t meet that goal there’s no way we’ll raise 96% in the remaining seven days.

If we can hit that goal we’ll still need to raise about $250 every day for the remaining week of the campaign. Some will say it’s too much to raise after raising less than that in the past three weeks but if we can hit Monday’s goal I know we can all get the word out and put the project over the top.

If it turns out that Monday’s goal is missed I’ll cancel the funding and thank everyone for their help. Depending on how much money is raised by noon on Monday I”ll look into possibly trying again, either with a smaller goal or possibly through another crowd funding site. I’ve seen recently that there’s another service that can let you choose to accept whatever money gets raised rather than being all or nothing like Kickstarter does but if I don’t see the possibility of at least replacing the laptop that died back in September I’m not sure if it will make sense to try again.

If the laptop can get replaced I’ll at least be able to finish the rewrite of He’s With the Band that I’ve been trying to do for the past few months, and it should let me get back the mystery I was working on when the laptop crashed one last time and took the hard drive with it. I may not be able to make the photobook at that point but at least I can get back to writing and try to give my readers something to read. I can’t tell you how many people have told me they loved He’s With the Band and want me to write more, even if it’s not a continuation of Al’s story. Without a laptop there’s just not enough hours in the day to do the things I need to do online and to be able to write.

The ball’s in your court. If you’ve been thinking of backing my next book now’s the time. It doesn’t have to be a big amount, even small pledges can add up to make a difference, and the more people back me the more others will be wiling to join the crowd. You won’t need to pay your pledge until after the campaign ends on Sunday, 10 August, and then only if the project is fully funded. This way you can look to see what your budget will be able to handle before making your pledge.

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