Exploring in Second Life

Nanci with Eliza in the Firestorm Dew ForestToday there was a party for users of the Firestorm Second Life viewer and afterward, I did some exploring of Firestorm’s sims. Joining me was Eliza, my new feline from We Love Pets. This Eliza is a tuxedo kitteh just like the Eliza stuffed animal I have in my RL home. I’d originally named this kitteh Sarah Jane, but I realized that my RL Eliza is a tuxedo cat, not a black cat, so I swapped their names.

The picture doesn't do these waterfalls justiceWe started off in the Firestorm Dow Forest, where we found these beautiful waterfalls. The picture doesn’t do the view justice, and a little farther down the path, we found a nice place to just sit, chillax, and enjoy the view for a bit.

Chillaxing by the waterfallsI know I should probably make Eliza a little bigger, but it seems her size changes between being on my shoulder and being on the ground. Yes, where the landowners allow it I can set Eliza down and she’ll explore the area. I can even set a distance so she never gets too far away. I can also change the color of her collar, and I can change her sunglasses to coordinate with my wardrobe. I can even take them off her completely, but I love having my cool kitteh. Her future’s so bright, and all that.

Firestorm Dow Forest - A kickin' padI shared this picture on Twitter because it’s such a great shot. I don’t see the old woman who lives here with her gaggle of little ones, but of course, she’s a grown-up flower child. But can we get a cobbler out here? Her home could use some TLC.

Firestorm Dow Forest - Firestorm Remembers 1I found a great memorial to some of Firestorm’s support team members. I had to ask in the Firestorm Support channel in SL but I love that there’s this area for people to find. I’ll post more pictures in the slideshow below.

Firestorm Dow Forest - Is it real or is it SLAs I walked around the sim I saw this island, and if you didn’t know it’s all code you might think it’s a real place somewhere. I love how the clouds reflect off the water. I considered changing the atmosphere settings, but it looks so good why mess with it, right?

The abandoned carnival at Firestorm Ghost Town. Wheeeeee!I also came across the ghost town with its abandoned carnival. Unlike most ghost towns, though. all the games still work, including the swing. I’m really glad Eliza doesn’t get motion sickness. That would have gotten messy in a hurry.

Firestorm Ghost Town Outer Limits - You Will Eat BurgersI have one more picture from our excursion because I saw this sign and had to take a picture. How well it knows me, right? This girl loves her burgers, although she usually just cooks one a week. There are so many other things to cook each week, you know?

I wandered around a bit but I know there is still a lot more to explore. One of these days Eliza and I will pop back over again some time now that I know some of what’s here. You can use a teleport board to move around, but I really like walking around. It reminds me of the days I’ve spent walking around the Franklin Park Wilderness.

Am I a crazy cat lady yet?

In addition to my stuffed kitteh at home, I had gotten a feline for my home in Second Life (mine is black, but I can’t find it on the marketplace now), but I was recently told about the kittens over at Jian and I love the little darlings! Not only can I rez more than one, but I have one that will follow me wherever I go. The one thing I don’t have just yet is a shoulder kitteh, but I’m looking for one.

At the suggestion of a friend in SL, I took a picture of me and my babies to hang in my SL home. Of course, I had to post it online so I can share it with folks not on SL.

Am I a crazy cat lady yet?

In the front are Coco, Clara, and a shark cat bed with two kittehs who aren’t named (they are part of the bed, alas). In the back are Eliza (who looks like a bear in this picture), my SL avatar Nanci, and my companion kitteh. Clara is usually upstairs on my second floor but I brought her downstairs for the picture. The companion kitteh doesn’t have a name yet, but I’ll have to name her soon so I can introduce her as she explores Second Life with me. The companion kitteh has a name! She is now Sarah Jane, as in Sarah Jane Smith, the journalist who traveled with our favorite Gallifreyan. She makes the second kitteh named after one of the Doctor’s companion because Clara is named for Clara Oswin Oswald.

For the record, and for those who don’t remember, Eliza is named for Eliza Schuyler Hamilton as played in Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton by Phillipa Soo (and several others). Coco isn’t so much named for anyone, but one of my friends on Dodgers Twitter is Coco, and she recently lost her longtime canine companion so her name was available in my mind, as was the name of the Oscar-winning Disney/Pixar movie.

Updated 10:25 pm: I’ve changed my companion kitteh. I like the kitteh following me around, but I want a cat I can carry in my arms, or better yet wear as a shoulder cat. I found the Kitty AIO UnLeashed cat on the Second Life Marketplace. I now present the new Sarah Jane.

Nanci with Sarah Jane

She has several poses she uses, including one upside down (silly cat), and she can also dance and do flips! If she’s on my arm I can pet her, but she purrs quite a bit on my shoulder, in fact, I’ve had to turn down her volume because she’s been so loud in my ear.

I may have to replace my Jian cats with other cats like Sarah Jane, but I need to think about that. One annoying thing about the Jian cats is that they walk through the walls of my house and I keep getting errors that I can’t rez objects there.

Updated 13 July: Silly me realized the Eliza in my RL flat is a tuxedo cat, not a solid black cat, so I’ve swapped the names for Eliza and Sarah Jane. In the picture of my kitties above, the cat at my knees is now Sarah Jane and the companion cat to the right of me is now Eliza. Sorry, girls!