The Indie Author Manifesto

Smashwords Indie Author Manifesto (corrected)Yesterday I was checking my stats at Smashwords and discovered that  the Smashwords founder, Mark Coker, had written a manifesto for us independent authors. As a Smashwords author I love it, and as an indie author I gladly and wholeheartedly join Mark in posting this as a commitment from this author to his readers.

Updated 16 April to fix a typo in the infographic. Whoops!
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Thank you Amazon for charts!

HWTB downloads via Smashwords as of 15 April 2014One of the things I love about Smashwords distributing my ebooks is that they give me great statistics, and they even let me get daily download numbers for my ebooks on days when I’m not able to get online thanks to their graphs that show the stats for each day. But Smashwords isn’t my biggest online partner in terms of sales, that’s Amazon and their Kindle Direct Publishing Program (KDP). The only problem is that if I can’t get online on a particular day I have no way of seeing how many downloads I got from day to day on Amazon.

But as of yesterday evening that’s all changed. more “Thank you Amazon for charts!”

We have a new milestone!

I love looking at the stats for my ebooks every day. Even when there’s not much news I make a point to check the download numbers for He’s With the Band and the number of times the previews for Somewhere… and More and No Budget, No Pay got downloaded. It turns out that even eight months after I published WHTB I still see 200-250 downloads every month between Smashwords and their partner sites and Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing program. more “We have a new milestone!”

Creative people

What do creative people do when they can’t create?* 

We read a lot. We drink a lot of coffee (or tea). We smoke quite a bit (if you have that lovely personality trait (no monkey)). We surf the web a lot. We get together with friends. We listen to some great music. We check out what wonderfully creative things our friends are doing and support them. And we wish we could take some of the things that come into our head down to be creative with them.

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