I’ve unfollowed several WordPress sites

The problem with doing three different sites is I can get multiple notifications for the same sites. Today I went through the sites I follow via WordPress and moved all the Second Life related sites I follow to the account connected with nancisnaughties.com.

I’ve also unfollowed several sites relating to writing because I’m no longer doing any creative writing outside of my two WP sites. That’s simply to cut down on some of the clutter associated with this WP account. If you’re in that group of sites please know that ho offense is intended, it’s just a matter of only having so many hours in already busy days.

I’m still going to be updating this site, although my Nanci’s Naughties site will get the most activity simply because I have new products coming out every month in Second Life, and many of the designs I create will be available in my real-world clothing store as well.

If you’re in Second Life and you’re finding that I no longer follow you with this WP account or the old Nanci’s Naughties account it’s likely I’ve followed you on my new NN account. I hope to see you over there.

As I say on the SL store site, stay naughty out there, y’all. Just remember, you can be naughty without being an asshole. There is a difference.

My ebooks are out of print

When I first started this site it was to support my writing, but I haven’t written anything in a very long time other than posts here and on my other sites.

Since I don’t expect to do any more writing, this evening I took all of my ebooks out of print. I also removed the menu item about my books, although the pages will stay on the site since going through the posts to remove the links, or the posts themselves, will require more energy than it’s worth.

I’ve told Smashwords, Amazon and Google Play to stop selling my ebooks, and it will take some time to get the word out to all of Smashwords’ distribution partners so if you’re interested in my writing you’ll need to search quickly for them since I expect them to leave all the sites by early November.

Have a Happy All Hallows’ Eve, everybody.