We have T-shirts!

Several years back I used to sell t-shirts on Spreadshirt but closed it because the work it took to maintain the shop wasn’t matched by the number of shirts sold. But now I’ve been asked to sell t-shirts again and I’m proud to announce that I just opened my new T-shirt shop on Spreadshirt: Dodger Tees!

Dodger Tees is here!

My shop sells tees for men and women, and I may be adding kids tees and other products if there’s a demand for them. So far I only have two designs available, Dongtober and Cancer Sucks, but I have some ideas for other designs.

Dodger Tees product sampleFor those not familiar with Spreadshirt, their shirts and products are printed on demand, minimizing the need to stock products that don’t sell. As a result, your shirts are printed specifically for your order and are covered by Spreadshirt’s 30-day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you’re not happy you can have Spreadshirt redo the order, get a voucher (store credit) you can apply to another order or get a refund of the cost of the product (as long as it wasn’t designed specifically for you). But I’m sure you’ll love it. I bought a Cancer Sucks hoodie a decade ago and other than a rip that developed a couple of years ago it still looks great. The fit’s a little tight, but that’s because I’ve put on way too much weight over the past year.

Check out my Dodger Tees shop and see if there’s something that simply has to be in your wardrobe.

My tees are not affiliated or approved by the Los Angeles Dodgers or Major League Baseball.

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