New Dodger Tee: #ItAintOverYet!

#ItAIntOverYet tees and tanksEarlier this season I started responding to people complaining that the Dodgers were going to lose a game while still pretty early in the game with the hashtag #ItAintOverYet. As I write this, last night’s game was yet another one of those games when the Arizona Diamondbacks scored five runs off Rich Hill in the first inning. I had already been toying with the idea of making an #ItAintOverYet tee, with a rough design started by the time the game started, and by the end of the third inning, I had most of the design finished.

The scoreboard shows the line score for the first three innings of last night’s game, flipped to show the Dodgers at home and with a generic THEM for the opposing team. Below the scoreboard are the familiar hashtags #ItAintOverYet and #LetsGoDodgers.

Available in tees and tanks for both men and women, it’s the perfect thing to wear while watching the Dodgers play, whether at the stadium or wherever you are. Then when someone starts bitching and moaning that the Dodgers have lost yet another game before the last out is recorded you can turn to them and point to the hashtag. Unless, of course, you’re often telling people your “eyes are up here,” but that’s up to you.

A bit of housekeeping

I’ve created a Twitter account specifically for the Dodger Tees store so I don’t constantly interrupt my personal Twitter feed with tweets about my business. The best way to keep up with what’s going on with the store is by following @DodgerTees, and Spreadshirt, my online partner, has some specials coming up. I’ll be tweeting them before I post about them here.

I’ve also created a page on WFaA for Dodger Tees, and it will be a quick way to find all of my designs. Tapping on a design will take you to the Dodger Tees page with all the products that carry that design.

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