Another milestone has been reached

It turns out that another milestone has been reached in my hormone replacement therapy (HRT). The downside is that it means I have to replace some of the clothing in my dresser.

I’ve been looking forward to the day when my hormone therapy has changed my body to the point that it requires me to replace some of my clothing because it no longer fits as well as it’s done in the past. My waistline has been making me need to look at new jeans by itself, but I’m looking for my hips, bum and breasts change enough to send me to buy new clothes that fit.

Unfortunately, the milestone isn’t the fact that my hips and bum are filling out my clothes better, but my breasts have made me need to buy new bras.

Ever since before I came out as trans back in December of 2015 I’ve been wearing silicone breasts forms that I had bought on Amazon to bring me up to a C cup bra. I’ve always had issues with the tops of the forms trying to show through my clothing, sometimes even while wearing full coverage bras and using adhesive strips on the backs of the forms. But for the past few months (at the very least) it’s gotten even worse as my nearly B cup breasts are pushing the forms even farther from my chest.

I had decided some time back that when my breasts got too big to allow me to wear the forms I’d probably look for some smaller silicone pads to put into my bras to try and push my breasts to fit into a B cup bra more easily, if they didn’t let me fit in C cup bras. For the past several weeks I’ve seen that it was getting time to put my breast forms away so I ordered a pair of inserts as the calendar changed over to August. Once they came in I tried them on with a B cup bra I bought recently and while I don’t fill it perfectly it’s comfortable enough that I’ve stopped using the full forms at all.

There’s just one problem with the change in my bras: When I first bought bras I wrapped a measuring tape around me and got 38″, and the bras I bought were 38Cs. What I didn’t know is that the ribcage measurement isn’t the band size for bras and I should have been buying bras with a 42″ band size. While there is quite a nice selection of 38C (or even 38B) bras, 42B bras aren’t that plentiful, and the price is a bit higher, even for the very same bra in a 38C size, if it’s even available with a 42″ band at all. It’s even harder to find 42C bras in a racerback style, and that’s become my favorite style since they’re pretty comfortable and I don’t have to worry about the straps trying to fall off my shoulders all day.

On a side note, the injected estradiol that I started three weeks ago is working better than the patches. When I took my weekly measurements this morning I saw that my boobs haven’t changed and my waist is smaller (although I put a pound back on since last week), but my hips and bum are a little bigger this week. Plus my thigh measurement went down, meaning my muscle tone is changing, too. Yea! I still have to lose more weight and get my gut smaller, but now that I see the other numbers are heading the right way again it may be what I need to get more serious about losing weight.

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