We have a new milestone!

I love looking at the stats for my ebooks every day. Even when there’s not much news I make a point to check the download numbers for He’s With the Band and the number of times the previews for Somewhere… and More and No Budget, No Pay got downloaded. It turns out that even eight months after I published WHTB I still see 200-250 downloads every month between Smashwords and their partner sites and Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing program.Last month a friend of mine and I were talking about the download numbers and he asked how many times HWTB had been downloaded all together since I published it in early August. I didn’t have that information handy but since I track my download numbers on a LibreOffice spreadsheet it was easy enough to put the information together.

When I finished entering today’s downloads I notice something I think is pretty amazing. He’s With the Band has been downloaded over 1,500 times since it was published and when I add the previews for Somewhere… and More and No Budget, No Pay my writing has been downloaded over 1700 times! Woo hoo!!!

Updated 9 May: It turns out I had an error on my spreadsheet and the correct numbers are about half of what I though they were. The good news is that I’ll be celebrating my 1300th download tomorrow!

Thanks to everyone who has downloaded my ebooks and especially to those who have told others about my writing. I can’t express what it means to me to know that so many people are downloading my ebooks and writing. I hope in the near future I can resurrect the hard drive from my old laptop and get back to work on my mystery. (For those who don’t know my laptop crashed so hard back in September that it took the hard drive with it, and since I don’t have a computer to do tech work with I haven’t been able to even get the drive available to be mounted on the laptops I borrow from my public library every day.) I’m also working on a rewrite of He’s With the Band and while I can’t give you a date when I hope to have it available I think you’ll like how the story changes. I’m working especially hard on making Gary, Drew, Tony, Steve and of course Linda more interesting characters. The biggest delay is the fact that I only have so much time with the library’s laptops every day and with other things to be done my writing keeps getting shoved on the back burner.

I’m also working on some smaller things that will be published here so you should definitely poke your head in here from time to time to see what I’m posting.

Thanks again for checking out my writing. I hope I can give you interesting things to read for years to come.

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