Creative people

What do creative people do when they can’t create?* 

We read a lot. We drink a lot of coffee (or tea). We smoke quite a bit (if you have that lovely personality trait (no monkey)). We surf the web a lot. We get together with friends. We listen to some great music. We check out what wonderfully creative things our friends are doing and support them. And we wish we could take some of the things that come into our head down to be creative with them.

What don’t creative people do when they can’t create?

We stay the hell away from computers, notebooks, journals, or anything else to write on, and we get really glad when our roommate has taken or chewed up every writing instrument in the house. Because if we dwell on the things we can’t create it makes us kind of crazy. And really sad.

*That is when we can’t create because our laptop ate our hard drive, and the story we were at least half way through writing, and then died so thoroughly that we can’t even consider fixing the damned thing, thus making it even harder to write than it normally is.

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