It’s time for another CR on Capital Hill. Is it time to dock our lawmakers’ paychecks?

Buy "No Budget, No Pay" todayI just got an email update from my congressman, Michael E. Capuano (D-MA 7th) about a bill coming up for a vote tomorrow. There’s no federal budget passed yet for the new fiscal year that will begin on 1 October and they want to pass a continuing resolution (CR) to keep the government open. My readers may recall that I’ve suggested that if our elected officials in Washington DC can’t pass a budget by the start of a fiscal year they should get their pay docked. Is it time to let our elected officials find out that their paychecks will get a little lighter? more “It’s time for another CR on Capital Hill. Is it time to dock our lawmakers’ paychecks?”

The Kickstarter campaign is almost at the halfway mark and it doesn’t look good for my Franklin Park photobook

Want to back my next book?Last week I was glad to be able to report that the Kickstarter campaign to fund the creation of my next book, a photobook of Franklin Park, had its first two backers. Unfortunately despite hearing lots of enthusiasm about the book only one other person has backed it since then. And that’s not a good thing for the creation of a photobook of Boston’s much-loved urban park. more “The Kickstarter campaign is almost at the halfway mark and it doesn’t look good for my Franklin Park photobook”

What a diff’rence a day made…

"Somewhere... and More" cover… Twenty-four little hours

That song by Dinah Washington got cued up in my head as I was checking the stats on my books today. Not only have I seen He’s With the Band downloaded 80 times just this month, over the weekend someone bought Somewhere… and More over at Amazon. Of course that’s good news but I didn’t realize how much difference a single sale would make in my stats in the Kindle Store. How big a difference? Wow. more “What a diff’rence a day made…”

[Poll] Should I change the category for HWTB?

A few days ago I wrote about some amazing news I got from Amazon’s Australian store and tucked in at the end a question for my readers that I want to give its own post at the top of my site for a while. It turns out that as I’m working on a rewrite of He’s With the Band I’m noticing how little romance is in the story.

My question for you is simple: Should I change how the book is categorized to simply Christian fiction? I’d love to hear what my readers think I should do.

[polldaddy poll=8145174]

You can vote once per day and if you’re welcome to post a comment as well as vote if you want. I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Books I’m checking out for Read an Ebook Week – Saturday’s List

Today's the last day to find new ebooks to love at great discounts (or even FREE!) during Smashwords' 2014 Read An Ebook Week!Sorry about not writing yesterday. I had some tech issues including multiple Blue Screens of Death while dealing with tags for some MP3s I had gotten. But I did find some ebooks you’ll want to check out and you have to act FAST since today’s the last day of Smashwords’ 2014 Read an Ebook Week promotion. If you missed my earlier lists you should peruse Monday’s, Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s lists.

I also updated the page for No Budget, No Pay with the official link for it on iBooks and to add the ebook on Diesel. Only Kobo and Flipkart don’t have it at this point and it’s just a matter of time before they do.

more “Books I’m checking out for Read an Ebook Week – Saturday’s List”

My ebooks are now available on Scribd

My ebooks are now available on ScridbBack in December Smashwords announced that they had signed a distribution agreement with Scribd and today I see that my three ebooks are now available on that site. I’ve updated the pages for each book to include the new link (and a new link for No Budget, No Pay on Barnes & Noble) but I wanted to give you the links to each of my ebooks on Scribd on one page for those that want to check it out there.

And don’t forget, both Somewhere… and More and No Budget, No Pay are available for just $1.50 at Smashwords this week for Read an Ebook Week. That’s half off the regular price and Scribd doesn’t have that price so get your copy soon. The price will go back up to the regular price when the sale ends so don’t miss out.