Smashwords gets a major redesign

Smashwords Blog: Smashwords Unveils Major Website RedesignSmashwords, the company that puts my ebooks into so many major retailers, threw the switch on a major redesign of their website. The new site is bright and shiny, and it’s even easier to see the information on the books you’re looking at. The screenshot on the right, from Smashword’s announcement of the redesign on their blog, shows a bit of how much cleaner the site looks, and when you go to an ebook’s page you can see just how much cleaner it looks, as you can see in this screenshot of the page for my ebook He’s With the Band

"He's With the Band" on the redesigned Smashwords
Click the link to see the full size screenshot

It’s a bit more spread out, but I love how they group the information together. Now the download links are above the fold so you can go from finding the ebook to reading it even more quickly, and the long description of the book is only a click of a “More” link away. Plus the author’s bio is now centered between the ebook’s details and links to share the ebook on your favorite social media sites.

Below that you’ll see thumbnail links to other books in the particular series, as well as thumbnails of other books from that author. It’s much better than just links with the other book titles as the old site had, and I really think it’s a great way to show off the other ebooks from an author.

Of course with the redesign it’s created more work for me since I now need to redo the screenshots for my article on giving ebooks as gifts from Smashwords, but that’s a bit of work I don’t mind getting added to my to do list one bit. When I get the new images made I’ll update the article title with [UPDATED] at the beginning of the title so you’ll be able to see the new images are ready for you to see.

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