“No Budget, No Pay” is being republished

"No Budget, No Pay"Last October I wrote a book called A Common Sense Proposal for the Lack of US Federal Budgets, a mouthful of a title that I shortened in December to No Budget, No Pay. Unfortunately the name change ended up causing confusion for many of the stores that carry my ebook so today I republished No Budget, No Pay as a brand new ebook with an ISBN of 9781310742804. The price is still $2.99 and you can preview 25% of the ebook before you have to buy it.

Smashwords, the company that distributes my ebook, has the republished ebook and is putting it through the process of getting it ready for distribution to their partner stores. I am also resubmitting it to Amazon to have it published for the Kindle without the old name. As the republished book makes its way into the retail channel I’ll be updating the book’s page here with links to where it can be bought.

I apologize for any confusion this causes, but some sites keep using the old title on their sites and I really need the current title of this ebook to be the one used in the retail channel.

Updated 28 February: Amazon now has the republished version of this book. It’s been approved for Smashwords’ Premium Catalog and it’s just a matter of making it’s way to the stores. I’ll post the links to the book’s page on WfaA, and this post, as I find the links.

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