“Somewhere… and More” hits preorder status

Thumbnail of the "Somewhere... and More" coverI have just uploaded Somewhere… and More: The Lyrics of J.M. Hardin to Smashwords as a preorder title. It’s scheduled for release on Tuesday, 5 November but you can read a preview and place an order for it now.

A companion to He’s With the Band, this ebook contains the lyrics to the three songs in He’s With the Band and eight other songs I have written since moving to Boston in 1989. I’m categorizing it as a book of poetry, and it’s being marked with Smashwords as being the second book in the He’s With the Band series. As I’ve said before each song has some comments following the lyrics to let you know what I was thinking as I wrote the song. The songs included are:

  • Somewhere Someone Cares
  • Help Me to Know (For Linda)
  • Lean on Him
  • Day of the Living Dead
  • Great is the Lord! (He is Worthy of Our Praises)
  • No Batteries
  • No Matter What
  • Reclaiming the Land
  • The Upper Room
  • A Little Better

Somewhere … and More is priced at $2.99 and while you can order it today you won’t be charged until it’s officially released and you can download it. Watch for it at all of the ebook stores where you can find He’s With the Band and I’ll have it uploaded it to Amazon later today or tomorrow morning. Unfortunately Somewhere won’t be available as a paperback book since the minimum price will be more than I can justify asking for it.

Updated 17 Oct: Amazon doesn’t support pre-orders in the Kindle Direct Publishing program so I’ll have to wait until the publication date to upload it there. You can now preview the first few pages (to the Introduction) on the ebook’s Smashwords page and once it gets uploaded to the other sales channels you will be able to preorder it on Apple’s iBooks, Barnes & Noble’s Kindle store and the Kobo ebook store.  Once it reaches the various sales channels you can look for it by the ISBN number as well as the title. This ebook’s ISBN number is 9781301788101.

I do have my nonfiction political book looking for beta readers and it should be coming out in the coming weeks as well. I also have a mystery that I hope to bring out at the end of the year or early next year.

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