My political nonfiction book is now available

A Common Sense Proposal for the Lack of US Federal Budgets coverThe last week has been a busy week for me. Not only have I put Somewhere… and More up for preorders I’ve also gotten my nonfiction political book published.

Once again the US Government was shutdown because our elected officials didn’t do their job, and we could go through it all over again a few months from now. If we pulled a stunt like that on our jobs we’d get our paychecks cut, if we didn’t just get fired. Perhaps we need to cut our elected officials’ checks when they don’t do their job.

A Common Sense Proposal for the Lack of US Federal Budgets is now available for $1.99 from Smashwords and has been submitted for the Smashwords Premium Catalog, which will make it available at a wide variety of ebook stores. I’ve also uploaded it to the Amazon Kindle store and it will be available in the next day or so. This ebook is very short, clocking in at under 4,00 words, so once again I won’t publish it as a paperback.

With the publication of this ebook I’ve updated the ebooks for He’s With the Band and Somewhere… and More to include a link to this ebook on Smashwords.

For the latest updates on which stores have this title available check the Federal Budget page in the links at the top of my site. You can also find my book pages by clicking on the plus sign at the upper left of every page on this site.

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