So many new tees have been made.

I just realized it’s been over two weeks since I posted about new Dodger Tees designs. It turns out my Religion and The Man designs were rejected because of issues with using pictures of Justin Taylor and Chase Utley, but I’ve created seven new designs since then. (Tap on the design image to go to the Dodger Tees page for the design.)

Barrels are overrated - One of the designs wasn’t turned into a tee, and I’ll get that one out of the way first. Simply called Barrels, it uses something that Dodger catcher Austin “Sam” Barnes says. A lot of people talk about the new barrels statistic but not everyone loves it. It’s definitely not one of my better designs, so I’m going to table it for now and possibly revisit it for spring training.

I'm Still Bleeding Dodger BlueThe next design I made (after my Religion and The Man designs) was a nod to Tommy Lasorda. He always talks about bleeding Dodger Blue, even saying that when he had heart surgery his doctor confirmed that he does indeed bleed Dodger Blue. So far this is the only design I’ve also created a light background version for sale on buttons and drinkware.

#IwasntworriedIn way too many games the other guys have taken advantage of mistake pitches or miscues by our players. Sometimes it’s just a run or two, but sometimes the Dodgers get out of the inning without letting anyone cross the plate.  When that happens you’re bound to see several people on Twitter posting that they weren’t worried. I’m liable to be one of them.

Glove conquers allI don’t know who first said it, but a very wise man once said, “Glove conquers all.” They’re absolutely right. It doesn’t matter if a pitcher can fire a ball at north of 100 miles an hour. It doesn’t matter if you can hit a pea as it flies by at 150 miles an hour, or if you can run 90 feet in two point six seconds. If the ball makes it into a glove that can get you out, an out’s an out.

Save WalkerOne of the top Dodgers pitching prospects is a hurler named Walker Buehler. With a name like you know he’s going to have fun with the similarity to the movie about that guy. Even his Twitter handle is @buehlersdayoff. Since I didn’t see anyone making t-shirts having fun with it I decided to do it myself. Imagine the fun you’ll have wearing it to one of his games. Who knows, if he hears about it he may even sign it for you.

Puig Covers RFIt’s amazing how many people haven’t gotten the memo yet. Don’t run on Yasiel Puig, and don’t hit it to him, either. The Wild Horse can get to damn near any ball hit toward him. Just whatever you do, if you’re heading for a ball and you feel the earth start to heave, it may not be an earthquake, it may be a one-horse stampede. Or maybe just a very large truck.

Clap if you miss Joe DavisThat just leaves my newest design, which came out yesterday. When Vin Scully left the press box for the last time a year ago he left much of Dodgers Nation crying. How on earth will we get through a season of Dodgers baseball without him? We got a nice preview last year. Vin didn’t go on many road trips, other than trips to Anaheim and the very last series in San Francisco. But when the Dodgers were on the road a very nice young man named Joe Davis took over for Vin on play-by-play. It turns out he got the gig full-time this season, and while he’s not quite Vin (nor should he be) he’s pretty damned good. Except Joe calls college football on Fox in the fall so we don’t get him on the weekends. Even if Charlie Steiner wasn’t his primary substitute it’s just not as good while Joe’s on his other gig, so I created this design as a way to let others know you miss Joe. I’d love it if one of these days Joe comes back and finds people clapping when they see him.

Just one more note. I normally show the products in royal blue (where available) because it’s the closest color to Dodger blue available. But there’s often a wide range of colors available if you don’t want a blue shirt, hoodie, whatever. Just open the product page and tap on the color selector to see all the colors the item is available in. Just keep in mind that lighter colors (such as white or some pinks) won’t let the text show up very well.

Multiple colors are available for most items

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