My ebooks are on sale

Did you get a new ebook reader for Christmas? Or are you just looking for new content to read on an old reader? He’s With the Band has always been free, but from now to 1 January my other two ebooks are on sale as part of the Smashwords End of Year Sale.

This sale is exclusive to the Smashwords online store, but if you have multiple ebook readers it may be the best way to buy ebooks. Do you have a Kindle and either an iPhone or an Android device? The Kindle uses a different ebook format from most Android and Apple devices, but unlike with other stores you can buy my ebooks once and read them on any ebook reader you own.

Somewhere… and More: The Lyrics of J.M. Hardin, is a follow-up to He’s With the Band and has the full lyrics to many of the songs I’ve written. It isn’t a complete collection of my lyrics, but I’ve lost the lyrics and charts to songs I wrote before moving from New Orleans to Boston in 1989, so those can’t be included. This ebook is usually $2.99 but for the rest of the year, it’s FREE if you get it from Smashwords.

My non-fiction political ebook, No Budget, No Pay, is my response to the fact that the US federal government has started their new fiscal years without a budget, and too many times our government has come close to being shut down because Congress hasn’t been able to agree on how much money the government should be able to spend, and on what. This ebook is also usually $2.99, but during Smashwords’ sale, it’s only HALF PRICE at just $1.50.

The sale started on Christmas Day and I meant to write this sooner, but you still have most of the week to take advantage of these bargains. And while you’re at it you should browse through the other ebooks Smashwords have available. They’re always coming out with new ebooks to find and the only big problem may be that there are so many you end up wanting to read. But is that really a problem for a lover of the written word? I don’t think so, so bookmark the Smashwords website and check them out on a regular basis. There’s always something new there that could end up being your next favorite book.

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