[Poll] Should I post Scarboro Hill pictures from January?

A look at Franklin Park's Scarboro Hill from 21 December 2014Back in December and January I took over 50 pictures on Scarboro Hill (some were duplicated over different trips) but due to a combination of tech issues and time shortages I wasn’t able to post them yet. I plan on taking new pictures soon, but I want to ask if I should post the old pictures or just take new ones.

The old pictures were taken on 21 December, 4 January and 20 January so they have some with snow and some without, and all of them before the monstrous amounts of snow Boston got from back to back blizzards.

Would you like to see the January pictures or should I just get new pictures in our beloved Frederick Law Olmsted-designed urban park? Cast your votes now. You can vote every day, and you don’t need to register with WordPress to vote. And of course I’d love to hear any comments you want to make too.

I’ll close the voting around 4:30pm EDT on Friday, 8 May. The exact time will depend on how crazy the end of my day is next Friday, but I’ll try to keep it as close to that time as possible so you can all get all your votes in. As they say in Chicago, vote early, vote often.

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Updated Friday, 8 May 4:30pm: The poll is now closed, and it was a very close poll. The results show that just posting the old pictures won, but as I was closing things I got a message from someone who told me they were trying to vote to see both old and new pictures and the poll kept showing that it was waiting to complete the voting process so I’m calling it a tie. I’ll get new pictures taken, but I’ll also get the old pictures posted as well. Hopefully the old pictures will go up next week, but I can’t promise it.

Have a great weekend everyone, and if you’re in the Boston area if I don’t see you at the Franklin Park Coalition Annual Meeting tomorrow, and if not I hope you’re planning on being at their Kite and Bike Fest next Saturday.

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