My books are now in the Google Play Store

My ebooks are now in the Google Play StoreI use Smashwords to distribute my ebooks, but there’s always been one store that’s been missing: Google’s Play Store. After several requests to Smashwords about the problem with no response, I went ahead and put my ebooks on the Play Store myself.
I had been hesitant to put my books in Google’s stores myself as it would make one more site to check to support my books, something that can be hard enough with the loss of the ability to mount my hard drive on the library laptops I use every day. In the end, I wanted to make it easier for Android users to find my ebooks. (iOS can already find them on iBooks.)

It turns out putting my ebooks is not as easy as putting them on either Smashwords or Amazon‘s Kindle Direct Publishing platform, including making me put in my author bio on every book and not even capturing my name as the author or publisher automatically. But now you can fire up the Play Store, either on your Android device or any other device, and you will find my ebooks. And word has it there are discounts on my non-free books over in the Play store, although I didn’t set any up so I can’t tell you how long the discounts may last.

Here are links to each book while I add them to the individual books’ pages:

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