Ebook review: Flying Toasters – The DeadPixel Tales

Get this ebook from Smashwords or your favorite ebook storeI came across Flying Toasters – The DeadPixel Tales while looking at the new releases on Smashwords and the title got my attention right away, as it will for anyone who is familiar with the screensaver of the same name. As soon as I sat down and started reading this collection of short stories I was glad I did.

As good as all the stories are, a few became instant favorites. Robert Brumm’s My Dead Friend Nancy made me chuckle, and the lead character reminded me a little of the hero from Kurt Andersen’s Human Intelligence.

Thomas Cardin’s The Lightgiver was so good it was hard to put down so I could do little things like eating. I dare anyone to read it and not fall in love with the story.

Prism, John Gregory Hancock’s tale of a reluctant hero, brings an unexpected upside to being color blind.

The book closes with Steven Wetherell’s The Ballad of Azron Bezron, the tale of a thief who not only gets labeled a hero but who is set out on a hero’s quest, with a thief’s penalty for failing his task

Some of the stories contain adult language, so if you’re uncomfortable reading profanities you may not want to read this ebook.

Otherwise, Flying Toasters – The DeadPixel Tales is a free ebook, so run, don’t walk, to your favorite ebook store and get it. No matter what kind of fiction you like you’ll find something to love in this collection.

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