Finagle’s eyes! I can’t believe the downloads I’m getting on Amazon this week!

I wasn’t online much on Monday thanks to an afternoon doctor’s appointment but when I looked at my download numbers for He’s With the Band on Amazon I was floored. when I saw Monday’s final numbers I tanj near fell out of my chair.

Since a picture’s worth a thousand words I’ll just let the screenshot for the month’s downloads on show why I was so amazed.

Amazon KDP Sales Dashboard for He's With the Band on as of 12 Nov 2014

That’s 14 downloads on Monday, 12 November. YOW! Needless to say, it generated a nice bump in the ranking for that book on the chart for all free downloads for the Kindle.

Amazon's Author Central Bestseller ranking for HWTB compared to all free Kindle ebooks as of 12 November 2014

That bump on the 10th got it up to 6,094, the highest it’s hit since 26 February of this year when it hit 5,893.

Plus I got some more good news today as I was checking my stats: He’s With the Band is now available on! This is the first time I’ve seen stats for the Netherlands, home of Arjen Balfoort (aka Schoelje), one of the founders for my favorite Linux distribution, SolydXK. If you run a business and are thinking about Linux you owe it to yourself to check out SolydXK Business Edition.

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