Everyone should have one or two friends like this

Yumi Aakugawa -  I Think I Am in Friend-Love with You“I have a confession to make.”

That’s how Yumi Sakugawa’s I Think I Am in Friend-Love with You begins. You may have seen it since it went viral on the Sadie Magazine website. I saw it when StumbleUpon my first thought was “Oh. My. God. I wish I could show this to my best friend. It says exactly what I wanted to say but didn’t know what words to use.” Alas, my friend and I had a falling out and I couldn’t show it to them but I’m hoping they’ve already seen it and have shown it to someone super-awesome they know.

Sakugawa got together with the good folks over at Adams Media and I Think I Am in Friend-Love with You is available as a hardcover book and ebook at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other cool stores. I got to see a copy of it because I asked the Boston Public Library to order it and earlier this week it came in. They even ordered two copies so two people can enjoy it at the same time.

Needless to say just seeing it reminded me of my very dear friend, and I hope that everyone who reads Sakugawa’s book (and comic) finds themselves needing to show it to a super-awesome person they know. Surely everyone should have one or two people like that in their lives. Why two? In case the first super-awesome person’s super-awesome close friend quotient has already reached its capacity.

Just remember, if their super-awesome close friend quotient has already reached its capacity it’s not wrong to hope they’re doing well. After all, if the person is that super-awesome how can you not wish the best for them?

You should also check out NPR’s Cover Switch blog and read their post Comic Artist Yumi Sakugawa On Friend-Love, Identity And Art. It’s a great interview with an amazing artist.

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