Babe’s babies are coming along nicely

Babe’s babies are three days old today, and they’re so sweet to look at, I’m glad I don’t check my blood sugar more often than I do.

Babe's Babies - Day 3: A mound of adorable baby kittensI try to get at least one picture a day, and I’ve created Babe’s new babies, a Flickr album with the best pictures I get of Babe and her babies from every day. I’ve also created Babe’s Babies, a playlist of the videos I get of the furry family. There’s only one video right now, but I’ll be adding at least one or two videos every week.

You’ll want to check those two links often to see the latest photos. There will be a lot of furry content coming over the next 6-8 weeks as the kitties get ready to go on to their new homes.

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