I got some great news when I did my weekly measurements today, plus I had seen something that made me smile last week.

The last couple of weeks my weight has stayed on the roller coaster but it looked like my boobs were getting bigger. Part of that may be because at the end of January we doubled up on my estradiol patches, but as I looked at the numbers every week it looked like I may finally be getting past needing a AA cup for “the girls.” It turned out last week’s numbers showed I’m an A cup and I didn’t realize it, but today’s numbers confirmed it. I’m finally in a single character cup size! Granted, I’m still wearing my C cup forms, but it’s great to finally get out of needing to shop for AA cup bras if I was shopping for something to hold the real me.

I’d decided last year that once I got to having B cup boobs I’d have to change my bra size, partly to be the real me and partly because my real boobs could push out my forms too far. One thing I’m thinking of doing is getting some bra inserts like these for when I go out so I don’t lose too much size when I go out, but I’ll probably hold off on them until I get closer to being a B cup.

What’s the big deal? For one thing, I’m glad to finally be getting a little closer to where the women in my family are in terms of breast size. After all, I’m coming up on my 57th birthday and it’s like I just started puberty last year. In a way, it’s good news because I’ve been waiting for this for over 25 years, but like so many people I can be a tad impatient. The other thing is that I’ve never been one to like small chested women. I don’t want to be huge because that can cause even more trouble for my already bad back, but I like a proportional figure and for someone 5’9″ and just over 200 pounds an A cup chest isn’t proportional. I’m not looking to date anyone anymore, but a girl can want a better set of curves, right?

I’ve also noticed another change from the hormone therapy in the last week. Generally speaking, hormone therapy doesn’t do much for hair growth but when I saw my dermatologist a couple of weeks ago she said she noticed some “fuzz” along my hair line. Yea! And I’ve noticed a change with my facial hair, too. Since I don’t have to go out to work every day I have the luxury of not shaving every day so I can pluck the hair on my upper lip, just below my mouth and on my chin. I have to let the hair grow for a couple of days so my tweezers can grab them, and I finally have the hair thinned out pretty well in those places. Most of it now is gray hair (thanks to being over 50), which comes in a little more quickly, but the number of hairs is going down. I’m starting to work on the area just to the sides of my chin next to try to get the area cleaner.

But that’s not the surprising change. I’ve noticed that the hair on my cheeks has thinned out nicely. In fact, other than a line down directly in front of my ears maybe a quarter of an inch wide, there’s almost nothing until you get down to the earlobe, where it finally angles out toward my chin. The hair isn’t completely gone otherwise, but it’s thinning out nicely. I don’t pluck much on my cheeks, although I do clean up some stray hairs from time to time, so it’s definitely good news to see less hair anywhere on my face below my eyes.

Now I just need to see my hips and bum fill out some more. I had gotten my weight down to around 198 before Thanksgiving but it went up over the holidays and instead of losing some of it I kept on adding weight. About a month ago I was at 205 (yikes!) and I’ve slowly started bringing it down, but I’m still on the wrong side of 200. As I said before, I spent a lot of my teens and early 20’s weighing around 150 pounds so 200 pounds quickly became a line I didn’t want to cross once my metabolism changed and I started putting on weight. Plus, as I’ve taken off some pounds I’ve also been losing some of the curves go as well. With spring starting I really need to work on dropping some more weight but I don’t want to lose my hips as well. That’s right, I’m still a vain older chick, but I’m okay with that. You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to buy women’s clothes with no hips and very little caboose.

But hey, spring has started and baseball returns to Dodger Stadium this weekend! Vin Scully won’t be calling any more games (sniff!) but Dodgers Nation will always happily call out “It’s time for Dodgers baseball!” And amazingly we have folks predicting we’ll not only take the division for the fifth year in a row, we’ll also take the whole ball of wax. You bet your sweet bippy I’ll love going #capson next year with a World Champions Dodgers cap.


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