I think it’s time to change my meds

When I saw my endocrinologist in January he wasn’t that happy with how my body has been changing and said when he sees me the next time we may adjust my meds. I can now say that needs to happen, but I’m not sure I want to wait until late July to do that.

As I’ve said before, I take my measurements every Monday to track how my body has changed, but I haven’t seen any changes in the numbers since January other than general changes that were probably caused by my fluctuating weight. I’m going to be contacting my doctor to see if he wants to bring the appointment to a closer date, if he has the opening to do so, of course.

Today there was some good news on the weight front. I was doing well with taking off some pounds in the fall, but once the holidays hit my weight naturally went up. It wasn’t too bad right after the year started but the next week my weight went up and, except for a week here and there where it nudged down slightly, it kept going up a little each week.

That didn’t make me very happy, because not only was it clearly above the 200-pound mark, a number I never want to cross, it also doesn’t help the way I look in some of my outfits.

Every Monday I’ve logged my weight and insisted I get it down, and getting on the scale most mornings can show my weight dropping, but it seems every weekend I end up eating too much and by the time Monday morning came my weight was either back up a little or not even down a pound. Yesterday’s numbers were no different, being up two-tenths of a pound instead of going down. The rest of the day I made a point of eating less, not getting seconds of my red beans and rice dinner and not eating much popcorn during the Dodgers game, despite how badly the game ended up going. My desert was only the last two slices of pound cake with nothing on them, although I did end up getting a couple pieces of candy toward the end of the game because I needed some chocolate to temper the way the team from Frisco was beating my Dodgers.

Most days when I get up I step on the scale before I get dressed so I can see how my so-called “diet” is going, but I don’t log the number to keep from adding too many extra lines in my transition log spreadsheet. I also don’t log the daily numbers in Google Fit for the same reason. But today I had to make an exception.

Not only did my eating less drop my weight a little, but it was down almost a pound and a half! Woo hoo! Now I just have to keep watching what I eat, especially on the weekends. I’m not looking to get back below 200 pounds before Monday, especially with my birthday being this week, but hopefully, I can do it consistently for the end of the month.

My goal is to get down to the mid 180’s for the first time in two decades and keep it there. I may never be able to wear size 8, but it will be great to get back down to the size 10 I was when I first started transitioning 25 years ago. True, the curves that feminization will bring may make being a size 10 more difficult, but I’m now a 12 and getting close to a 14 so being a size 10 again will make buying new clothes a bit easier.

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