Follow-up: The lab test results are in

Last night I posted an update from my endocrinologist and said I was waiting for the results from the lab tests he ordered. The results came in late last night and they’re not as good as I had hoped.

First off, the estrogen numbers are still lower than my doctor wants to see so as of Sunday I’ll be doubling up on the estradiol patches. Unfortunately, my blood also shows signs of fighting a viral infection. I’m thinking I may have picked up a cold somewhere so we’re going to redo the tests in March and see if the numbers are back to where they should be. March is a good way away, and I should have beaten the cold or whatever I have now, but if my body is still fighting something off I’ll have good reason to worry.

We also did a fasting blood test for cholesterol, etc., and as my doctor put it, my “cholesterol levels are starting to creep a little high, possibly under the influence of the hormones.” We’ll retest those as well, but I have reason to be concerned. I had high cholesterol several years ago, and we lowered it with statins, but I managed to get the numbers down enough that I was taken off the statins and have been off them for several years.

I’ve also contacted my insurance company about the orchiectomy. It took a little time for the person I spoke with to research it but yes, my insurance will cover it with pre-authorization. This isn’t something we’d even look at trying to schedule until at least September, but now I know that I should start digging into the pros and cons so that when it comes time to consider referring me to a surgeon I’ll have a good bit of info to help me make an intelligent, informed decision. Yes, I’m pretty sure there can be quite a bit of pain, especially phantom pain since my “boys” won’t be there anymore, but so far I’m seeing it with all sorts of positives since I’d much rather have girl parts than boy parts. Yes, this surgery is irreversible, but as I said yesterday it’s not like I’m suing them or seeing any use for them in the future. I’m less than four months away from being 57 and not only have I not been in a physical relationship with anyone in quite a few years I’m not really interested in being in one going forward. I’m perfectly happy being single and have proven several times that I won’t keel over if I don’t get laid. Besides, I don’t want sex with my boy parts anyway and don’t have any idea as to when I may be able to have girl parts to have sex with. It’s all good.

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