Top Ten Reasons We May Need New Car Talk Shows

I’ve long been a listener of the NPR show Car Talk, and with the retirement of Tom and Ray Magliozzi I’ve become a regular listener of The Best of Car Talk on WBUR (the show’s home station). For those unfamiliar with the show, every week they start with Tom reading something funny that a listener sent in. This weekend’s show, however, was very different. Tom didn’t have anything to read this week and begged listeners to send him something to read.

Of course Tom doesn’t need anyone to send in anything since he can’t read it on the show anymore, especially since he died last year, but in the spirit of how they always did their show I decided to come up with something to hopefully give the folks at Car Talk Plaza smile, and maybe even laugh at. Being an old fan of David Letterman I opted to do it in the form of a top ten list. Without further ado allow me to present the…

Top Ten Reasons We May Need New Car Talk Shows

  1. We’re starting to recognize callers and their problems. And the Puzzlers.
  2. We wonder what the Car Talk staff members are up to since they got laid off.
  3. The guys at “Wait Wait…” are complaining about getting too many calls and notes from Doug Berman.
  4. Newer cars are developing problems and Car Talk isn’t around to help them.
  5. Ray must be getting bored with retirement.
  6. We’ve got all these $26 bills and no reason to send them in with puzzler answers.
  7. Stella and Sasha Royal Payne Diaz can’t get jobs anywhere else.
  8. John “Bugsy” Lawlor’s wife is worried he may not think he has a good enough reason to come back from his culinary excursions.
  9. Tommy’s kids need something to do on Saturday mornings.
  10. We’re starting to drive like their brother!

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