Top Ten Reasons We May Need New Car Talk Shows

I’ve long been a listener of the NPR show Car Talk, and with the retirement of Tom and Ray Magliozzi I’ve become a regular listener of The Best of Car Talk on WBUR (the show’s home station). For those unfamiliar with the show, every week they start with Tom reading something funny that a listener sent in. This weekend’s show, however, was very different. Tom didn’t have anything to read this week and begged listeners to send him something to read.
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A funny thing happened while drinking my coffee…

I had a funny thought this morning as I was reading the ebook of Larry Niven’s Flatlander¬†on my ‘Droid as I was finish my morning coffee:

Server years back I was talking to a barista friend of mine and mentioned that one of his coworkers punched in things on the cash register terminal with her middle finger, but when I was her age using the middle finger like that would be a (possibly) subtle insult. He had never noticed it but it made him chuckle when told him about it.

Lately I’ve noticed that when I type on my phone I use…

You’ve got it, my middle finger. It makes sense though because I have my phone on the table as I type this, my left hand angling the phone toward me slightly, and my middle finger extends out the farthest. If I try to use my index finger to type on my phone it feels odd. How things change over forty years.

/me lifts my cup of coffee in salute to my friends from the coffee joint