The video I wish I could have shot

Sunday morning I went up to Scarboro Hill to finish taking a series of pictures I started taking a few weeks ago. Walking back along the golf course I saw something I really wish I could have shot a video of to share with everyone.

As I walked along the golf course there was the usual flock of geese when along came another group of geese flying by. All of a sudden the geese near me took off to fly with them, as did more geese over toward the Ellicottdale softball diamond. Before long there must have been over a hundred geese in the air, flying one way for a few seconds before turning another way. That repeated several times as they flew large circles over the golf course and the surrounding area.

I wish my phone had the battery charge and the storage space to shoot stone video of the geese. I would have loved to be able to share the sight with you.

As they kept flying I heard a continuous stream of honks and wondered what they were talking about. Lunch perhaps? It was going on one in the afternoon.

Have a great week everyone. I’m hoping to get some pictures posted in the next few days.

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