Sony finally has all three of my ebooks

One of the things I get to do when I publish a new ebook or an update to an existing ebook is to watch for when Smashwords sends the new version to their retail partners. When I see that a retailer has been sent the ebook or update I start checking each retailer’s website to find it so I can post a link on each book’s page. It can go very quickly and with some retailers it can go slowly due to how they handle each new ebook or update.

Today I can happily say that the Sony Reader Store has both of my latest ebooks available for purchase, Somewhere… and More and A Common Sense Proposal for the Lack of US Federal Budgets. It’s still not available everywhere yet so I’ll post further updates as my ebooks work their way through the supply chain.

Speaking of my federal budget ebook, I’m really unhappy with that name. Give me your ideas for a new name for it, and the person who supplies the new name will get a coupon for a free copy of the books from Smashwords.

I’ve noticed I had forgotten to add More tags to some of my recent posts. I’ve fixed that now so you won’t have to scroll quite so far to find earlier things I’ve written. I don’t just post information about my ebooks here, there are also some things I’ve written that are website exclusives. From my stats I see many of you haven’t even seen them yet so feel free to go back through my earlier posts. You may even find one you really like.


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