“Somewhere… and More” comes out TOMORROW: “The Upper Room”

My next ebook, "Somewhere... and More" coverSomewhere… and More: The Lyrics of J.M. Hardin comes out tomorrow and I have one more preview to share with you before it comes out.

For those just joining us, about a decade ago I wrote a little Christian short story called He’s With the Band. Part of the story are some of the words to three of the songs I’d written, and with tomorrow’s release of Somewhere… and More I’m publishing the complete lyrics to not only those three songs but to eight other songs I’ve written since moving to Boston in 1989. While the new ebook is a book of song lyrics I’m marketing it as a book of poetry, and it’s my hope that my lyrics are good enough that you’ll enjoy them without the music.

You can still preorder Somewhere… and More just $2.99 at Smashwords, Apple’s iBooks, and Barnes & Noble’s Nook Store and when it’s released tomorrow you’ll automatically be notified that you can download it. If you order it from Smashwords you can get it DRM FREE and in the format you need for all of the devices you read ebooks on without having to pay for a second copy of my ebook. They can’t say that at any of the other ebook stores.

Rather than give you more lyrics today, I’m going to share with you the story behind one of the other original songs I’ve performed. I haven’t been able to perform many of my songs since they require a band, and that’s one thing I’ve never been able to put together so most my music has gone unperformed.

This is another song from my CPU Band set at the Park Street coffeehouse in 1999. When it was originally performed it was pretty much a standard Christian rock song, but in the years following I ended up reworking it a bit into a progressive rock song, Think Kansas, Emerson Lake and Palmer, Pink Floyd or Yes but without the drug influence and you may have an idea what I was thinking of for the song.

I’m actually really lucky I found this version of the lyrics for this song because the first few files I saw for this song were for the original version. When I called up the very last file to check and I saw the bridge I knew I had lucked out. When I wrote the bridge I heard almost a blowing wind sound with the other members of the band taking the first half of each line (“In the upper room”) with me singing the last part of each line. No matter who sang it the bridge was written to be on the quiet side as it started and build in both volume and intensity as it progressed.

This is another one of my favorite songs I’ve ever written but I don’t have the chord progression for it, even for the original version. If I spent some time at a piano I may be able to recall it but I won’t make any promises.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the previews of Somewhere… and More. There’s a total of eleven songs in it and the very last song in the book is another favorite. I was going to preview it but there just aren’t enough days left in the week since I decided to start posting one preview a day. That song would have been the one I closed concerts with had I been able to get a band together, and if you buy my new ebook I trust you’ll agree with me that it’s a great way to end out the book.

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