New designs, even more new products, but a new problem, too

Yesterday I posted a poll asking if I should turn my “I’ve got Religion” design into tees, and while the voting was sparse Dodgers fans on Twitter gave a quick and resounding “YES!” so I uploaded it and turned it into T-shirts. But I also uploaded a design with Chase Utley, and all of my designs got put on a wider range of products. Which caused a new problem. How do I display everything to make it easy to see all the designs I have available?

New designs: I've got Religion and The Man

I’ve not only put my designs on tees and tanks, I’ve gotten requests for long-sleeved tees, hoodies and more. Now my designs are available to wear in just about any weather (except I don’t do winter coats, sorry) plus kids and babies can wear some of my designs. Even your four-legged friends can wear my designs. But that left me needing to find a way to present my products in such a way that adding new items didn’t completely shove the older designs completely off the front page.

I ended up changing my front page completely so the first thing you see is the products themselves. Simply click or tap on a design and you’ll be taken to a page where you can see all the products available with that design. It does mean you’ll need to let another page load before you can do much shopping but you won’t have to try to mentally sort through products with multiple designs on them.

Dodger Tees home page 5 Sep 2017

There are two problems with this way of showing items. You can’t look at a specific type of item with all the different designs as easily as you could before. Nor could you look at just new items with just a tap. You can, however, use the search box to look for specific types of items.

Shop all my products at Dodger Tees today.

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