More Good News: I’m writing again

In December I posted part of a new scene I had written for an edited and expanded version of He’s With the Band, and when I did I said there was more to the scene, but it hadn’t been typed up yet. I’m happy to say that I have finally finished typing up what I’d written over a year ago.

My workspace in my new placeAs I shared last week I’m finally in a place where I am able to start writing again and was looking forward to being able to actually finish typing the scene I wrote last year and start writing new material. Sunday afternoon I finally got enough done at home to be able to carve out some time to work on my writing. I finished typing in the new scene, cringing a couple of times at how badly I had written the scene, and writing enough new material to finish the first draft of the new scene. The picture on the right is of my workspace and it will become the header image not only on this site but also for my Twitter feed. The notebook in front of my laptop is where I wrote the new scene last year, and when I finished typing it up I figured it would be a great time to get a picture of my workspace.

I’ve got some editing and rewriting to do on the new scene, let alone the rest of the story. As I said late last year I’m doing a top to bottom rewrite of HWTB, and I’m putting it all in a different point of view to help clarify some things. One thing that’s getting removed is the talky entrance of the band members in the second paragraph of the story. It’s going to take some time to rewrite but when I get done you’ll meet the members of Omega Glory, Al and Ken without bogging down the story like it does now. There are also some new characters you’ll meet in the rewritten story, but I’m going to wait to tell you who they are and how they fit into the story.

I introduced a new side story line in the new scene last year that brings a real-life event into the story for Omega Glory but I may have to kill it. After doing some additional research, I think I see that the story doesn’t match with how things go in real life, but I have someone I can try to contact to verify how realistic the scenario is. If I have to pull it out I think I have a way to create a similar type of event for Omega Glory to participate in.

I’m hoping to have something to share either next month or in September, and the first people to see it will be a couple of people who have offered to be beta readers. If you’d like to have a chance to be able to read the rewritten story and would be able to give me some feedback to help make the expanded version of the story better watch for a post on the site looking for beta readers. You can subscribe to Words From an Author by clicking the Follow button and get email notifications when I post something new here, or you can follow @JMHardinwrites on Twitter. When I publish something here it will automatically be posted to Twitter. You can also follow me on Instagram, and I’ve already decided when I’m ready to let someone read how the edited version of HWTB I’ll be posting the picture of my workspace on Instagram with a link to the blog post asking for beta readers.

Thanks to everyone who’s been hanging in there with me and waiting for me to write something new again. I’ll try to make both the rewrite of HWTB, and some other things simmering in my head, worth the wait.

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