I’m movin’ on…

Updated 19 Oct 2023: Due to circumstances I won’t get into here, I’m no longer on the social media platform I mentioned in this post. As a result, I’ve removed references to it from this post and other articles on this site. As I say at the end of the post, I’m movin’ on.

While watching Outside Source on BBC World, the news broke that Twitter had accepted Elon Musk’s offer to buy the company. As soon as I heard that he wanted to buy the bird app, I tweeted that I would close my account if the sale went through.

When I heard the news today (oh boy), I immediately started paring down the number of folks I was following, and someone reminded me to archive my account before closing it. While I intended on killing my account before the first pitch between the Dodgers and D’backs, I’ll wait to get my archive before leaving there.

As The Zombies sang while opening up their 2015 album Still Got That Hunger, I’m moving on.

One thought on “I’m movin’ on…

  1. Liam

    I also deleted Twitter (deactivated actually, since I have to wait 30 days for the deletion to go through) and set up an account at CoSo (@Othemts). I was thinking of leaving Twitter anyway but this was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

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