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As you’ve probably seen on my other sites, I’ve self-published an ebook called He’s With the Band (HWTB), a short story I wrote a decade or so ago. When I set up my author’s page at Smashwords I set my Linux site as my home page and my general site as my blog, but the more I thought about it neither site is a good home for my fiction writing. Thus this site was born.

I’m planning on only posting information about what I’m writing that will be available as an ebook. If you’re looking for my other writing you can check out my other sites:

I’ll be writing an article about how I came to write HWTB, but for those who are wondering I do have two writing project I’m working on. The first is a full romance novel that I also started over a decade ago and ended up putting in my proverbial bottom drawer with HWTB.

Unfortunately over the intervening years I lost all the notes and outlines for the novel and I have to remember where the story was going. Also since HWTB is a bit of a romance story I wanted to write something else next lest people think romance novels are the only thing I’m planning on writing. it does have a working title but it could change by the time I finish it so I’d rather not publicly give it a name that it may not have when it gets sent out to beta readers.

The other is a mystery that I got the idea for some years back that I had forgotten about. As I was trying to think what to write before I get my full romance novel written I remembered the premise for this story . I’m working on it and at this point I’m not sure if will be a novel, a novella or what, but I suspect as I get fairly close to finishing it I’ll know what form it wants to be and the title it wants to carry.

The best way to keep up with my writing you can subscribe to the RSS feed for this site, and you can also have WordPress send you an email when I write a new article on this site.

Speaking of keeping up with what I write here, I’ll be pushing out an updated version of HWTB to include the URL for this site, as well as corrections of some typos I just found. If you’ve already gotten HWTB you should check where you got it from to see of they have the update.

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