A Holiday Message from Al Simmons and Linda Nadal [Labor Day]

Have you read "He's With the Band" yet? It's free at most ebook stores worldwide.Hi, this is Al Simmons and Linda Nadal from He’s With the Band. I asked J.M. if I could send everyone a message for Labor Day.

Everyone with Omega Glory is amazed at how many people have gotten He’s With the Band. When J.M. told us there had been over 1500 downloads after the book was published we couldn’t believe our ears, and when he told us the other day that we had crossed the 1600 mark for downloads it blew me away.

Wait, cariño, how many?

Hi, Linda. Sixteen hundred fifty.

¡Gracias Jesús! That’s amazing!

I know! If J.M. would get off his butt and start typing more we have a nice little treat for our readers.

Hint hint, writer man! (laughter)

You heard the lady, J.M. Anyway, this is Labor Day weekend and I wanted to encourage everyone to take a few moments while you’re out barbecuing and enjoying the last moments of summer and send a thank you to your mom for the hours of labor they went through giving birth to us. Some of the women out there know what they went through but us guys are clueless about what it’s really—

Al honey, you’re being dense again.

What do you mean?

That’s not the kind of labor the holiday’s about.

It isn’t? (He asks with a smile on his face)

No, Monday’s holiday is to celebrate all the hard work American men and women do to make our country great.

Just American men and women? Not Puerto Rican men and women here?

(Al gets smacked playfully on his arm.)

You better believe the Puerto Ricans too. Especially the Puerto Rican women, but everyone here. Americans, Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, Irish men and women, Italians, people from the middle east, all the people who work hard to make this country great.

But not the moms? Don’t you think their labor giving birth is worth a special day?

Oh you better believe they do. But they already have one.

They do?

Sure. You know, the one in May.

J.M.’s birthday is a holiday to celebrate the pain his mom went through giving birth to him?

(Linda rolls her eyes.)

No, silly. But the holiday in May. You know, Mother’s Day.

Oh, THAT holiday. I knew that.

Of course you did. But I’m not saying J.M.’s birthday isn’t worth celebrating.

Nope, without him we wouldn’t exist.

[Excuse me you two, but you know I prefer downplayed birthdays unless it’s someone else’s birthday. But what were you going to say, Al?]

My bad, boss.

Me, Linda, and everyone in He’s With the Band hope you have a fantastic Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day, everyone!

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