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Updated 1 July: I have an updated image I’m using for my wallpaper and I’ve put a sample of that after the jump. Should I make it available as a desktop wallpaper that can be downloaded?

Back in September I mentioned that I was thinking about creating some desktop wallpapers, two based on images for He’s With the Band and one image showing my virtual workspace. As I was answering the questions for the Smashwords author interview I saw that one of the questions was about my workspace. I didn’t answer that one since I don’t really have a workspace that the moment but it reminded me that I wanted to update the workspace wallpaper image to show the books I’ve released since last August and to show the online stores that carry my ebooks.

Should I make this wallpaper image available for downloading?

There’s not laptop in the new image since I don’t have a laptop to write on and some of the books on the shelves on the left are missing since I don’t have them available to me now. I also had to recreate the image from scratch since I didn’t have the original image files available since they’re on the hard drive from the laptop, and I can’t access any of the files on the drive anyway.

I still don’t have a confirmation that my ebooks are available on Aldiko, Stanza and Oyster so if someone can verify if they’re there I’d appreciate it.

I’m still looking for a few favorite words. Do you have some words you want to suggest? Who knows, one of your favorite words may be one of mine as well.

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