Swear Better with Literature

Insult Better with Shakespeare (from Grammarly's Facebook page)Perhaps you’ve seen the an image like the one on the right from Grammarly, suggesting that you could insult people better by quoting Shakespeare. Will was great at coming up with ways to say things in unexpected ways but he’s not the only one. I found some¬†interesting ways to swear without running afoul of the language police while reading the books of Larry Niven.

Updated 20 March: It was brought to my attention that I had a gray moment and didn’t include a link to Grammarly’s website. I’ve used Grammarly to check my writing both here on WfaA, in web posts all over the ‘net, and even for things that aren’t completely web-based. If you do any writing in English you need to check out Grammarly and at least get the free browser plugin. You’ll wonder how you wrote without Grammarly, no matter who your English teachers were.

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Just a quick note of thanks

Check out the "He's With the Band" paperback at Amazon.comI just wanted to give a big THANK YOU!!!! to everyone who downloaded a copy of He’s With the Band so far. It hasn’t been published for a full month yet and over 300 copies have been downloaded. Holy crap! How did that happen to my little decade old short story?

Updated 4 September: It looks like I read the numbers wrong from Amazon. They’ve realized that my ebook is free everywhere else so they’ve lowered the price of the Kindle version to free as well. As of this as I type this I’m showing Amazon has had 229 downloads and Smashwords has served up 213 downloads for a grand total of 442 downloads. As I said yesterday, how the hell…??? more “Just a quick note of thanks”