What I’m reading this week

Updated 18 September: I realized I had some bad links to some of the ebooks. It’s all fixed now. Sorry about that!

Since I signed up with Smashwords to publish my writing I’ve become an avid ebook reader. It seems every day there are new ebooks published that I want to read and I keep meaning to share what I find with everyone so starting today I’m hoping to publish a weekly list of the ebooks I’ve found on Smashwords that I’ve really enjoyed. Since this is the first time I’m writing this list I’m going to include the ebooks I’ve loved since first joining the site. more “What I’m reading this week”

Just a quick note of thanks

Check out the "He's With the Band" paperback at Amazon.comI just wanted to give a big THANK YOU!!!! to everyone who downloaded a copy of He’s With the Band so far. It hasn’t been published for a full month yet and over 300 copies have been downloaded. Holy crap! How did that happen to my little decade old short story?

Updated 4 September: It looks like I read the numbers wrong from Amazon. They’ve realized that my ebook is free everywhere else so they’ve lowered the price of the Kindle version to free as well. As of this as I type this I’m showing Amazon has had 229 downloads and Smashwords has served up 213 downloads for a grand total of 442 downloads. As I said yesterday, how the hell…??? more “Just a quick note of thanks”