Success! Again!

Back in April, I wrote that my hormone therapy was doing a good job of changing my body, but when I took my weekly measurements yesterday I got some pleasant surprises, including one I wasn’t sure I’d see.

The first pleasant surprise was a bit of a relief. Before going to bed every night I step on my scale to see how much weight I’d put on, and when I stepped on the scale Friday night I saw a number that was way too high; higher than a scale has ever told me even being fully dressed for winter temperatures. It turns out I was not only able to get my weight back down with careful eating and I even ended up losing weight over last week’s weight.

But when I took the rest of my body measurements they put a smile on my face. When my endocrinologist and I were talking about my expectations for how my body would change I said I hoped I’d end up with a C cup, but he warned me that most of his patients only reach a B cup. Knowing the women in my family generally wear a C cup I hoped that I would too. As of this week’s measurements the next time I buy new bras I will have to buy a C cup, although the band size is also a little bigger than the last time I bought new bras. If I had a little bubbly I definitely would have poured at least a glass last night after getting that good news.

The rest of my body is changing fairly nicely, although too slowly for my taste. Tomorrow’s my annual physical and there are a few issues to look into, but at least I know my hormone therapy is doing a very nice job.

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