It’s Read an Ebook Week!

Last week I was thinking it should be getting time for the 2015 Smashwords Read an Ebook Week and sure enough, when I checked my email this morning I see that it started yesterday. Read an Ebook Week is a promotion my distributor, Smashwords, runs every year to encourage people to read ebooks. Many Smashwords authors put deep discounts on their ebooks with some making their ebooks completely free. As I did last year you can get my two non-free ebooks at a 50% discount.

He’s With the Band is always free so it’s price won’t change, but Somewhere… and More, the follow-up to He’s With the Band, and No Budget, No Pay are available from now to 11:59pm Pacific Time on 7 March for just $1.50 each! All you have to do to get the discount is to use the code RAE50 at checkout.

Whether you get my ebooks or someone else’s, don’t forget the best thing about buying ebooks from Smashwords: You can buy them one time and get versions to read on all of the devices you read ebooks on. Do you have a Kindle? Smashwords has a Kindle file for most of their ebooks. Do you prefer reading on an iPad? How about a Nook? Would you prefer a PDF to read on your desktop or laptop computer? Not a problem. They even have plain text files for most of their ebooks if you want to read an ebook on a not-so-smart phone as long as you can read text files from a memory card. I know because that’s how I used to read a lot of ebooks before I got an Android phone. If you have a ‘Droid I can’t recommend Aldiko enough. Once you get Aldiko installed check this article on getting Smashwords ebooks on Aldiko.

The only limitation for the different formats is that the author has to approve that their ebook be formatted for the various formats. I’ve seen some ebooks in only the .epub format that the iPad, Aldiko and many other ebooks readers use, but not the .mobi format that the Kindle demands.

Why don’t you head on over to Smashwords now and check out some of the ebooks they have available? If you want to know more about Read an Ebook Week you can check out this year’s RAEW announcement on the Smashwords blog. I have to go to a doctor’s appointment about my ulnar neuropathy this afternoon but as I did last year I’ll be highlighting some of the ebooks I find as the week goes on.

My 2015 Read An Ebook Week promotion

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