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ISBN: 9781301324392

Al Simmons is known as the soundman for the Christian band Omega Glory, but what a lot of people don’t know is that he’s written one of the band’s more popular songs, as well as a number of other songs. And what Al doesn’t know is that his music is about to get a well deserved spotlight all its own.

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There’s a story behind my short story, and you can read it in The story behind “He’s With the Band”. I’ve published a follow-up to HWTB, Somewhere… and More: The Lyrics of J.M. Hardin. It has the full lyrics to the three songs in HWTB as well as lyrics to eight other songs I’ve written.


In addition to the reviews for HWTB posted on Smashwords and Amazon, Andrew David Pomeroy has written a review of HWTB on his personal website, Quiet Lilac. If you know of other reviews please let me know in the comments.

Updated 9 May 2015: I see that the Quiet Lilac website has been closed. I haven’t been able to see his review of HWTB cached anywhere. If you know of someone who has it cached please leave the URL in the comments.

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