More changes, some from meds, some not

My bod has changed a little more from my meds, not too much but a little. Just enough to see some difference in my weekly measurements. My weight is yoyoing, and it went up over 200 pounds in the last week, but it just made me be a little more attentive to what, and how much, I’m eating. I think the Halloween candy in my apartment got a little too tempting, but it looks like I’ve got my weight back under 200 pounds again. I’m just vain enough for that number to be a problem, especially after spending so many years at 150 before my metabolism changed when I hit 30.

One big change hit this week that I’ve been waiting for for years. Several years back I developed a fatty lipoma on the back of my right shoulder. I tried popping it like a zit and ended up getting it infected so my doctor at the time removed it, but it came back. This time it wouldn’t pop, and my dermatologist said if I get it removed it would be considered plastic surgery, something I’d have to pay for. In other words 100% outside of my budget. She suggested putting a hot towel on it and seeing is that will loosen things up enough, but it didn’t. Needless to say, I’d keep squeezing it, especially when it got big enough to show through the fabric of my tops. It kept me from wearing tank tops that wouldn’t hide the bump, but it was what it was.

This week I noticed a white spot showing up at the crest, which was completely new It also started to become tender, which I hoped was an indication that it was getting close to being able to start getting cleaned out. I left it alone for a few days to see what would happen, and Thursday evening it didn’t seem to change much so I gave it a squeeze. Much to my surprise it started draining, and over the course of the next few hours I managed to get quite a bit of the puss, or whatever it was, out of my shoulder. When I called it a night I had a much smaller bump on my shoulder, although the area around it was red. I figured that was due to all the squeezing so I made a note to check it again in the morning.

Friday it sill looked a bit angry, but during the day I kept working at it and eventually got my shoulder to flatten out most of the way again. If I squeeze the area now I just get a little blood with some clear fluid, but none of the white gunk that I got the last two days. The only problem is I still have a small bump and the area is a very angry red. I’ve wiped it with rubbing alcohol and I’ll do that again, but if it doesn’t look better on Monday I’ll contact my doctor’s office and see what they want me to do.

The upside? I no longer have a huge bump on my the back of my right shoulder. I still have a much smaller one on my left shoulder, but next spring and summer I’ll be able to wear tank tops and camisoles, which makes this trans woman very happy.

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