Holy crap! Thank you Aussies!!! And a big question.

As I was doing my daily numbers check I saw I got a download of He’s With the Band in Amazon’s Aussie store and I realized I had never checked the Amazon worldwide stores to see what my rankings look like. It’s a good thing I wasn’t getting a drink of water when the page loaded. I might have owed the BPL a laptop.

HWTB's ranking in the Australian Amazon store


Yowza! I’ve never had a book in the top 20 in the American stores. Should I add download links to the worldwide stores to the book pages or should I just let folks outside of the States find the books themselves?

A question for my readers

As I’ve said before I’m working on a rewrite of He’s With the Band and it’s getting some new scenes. Except I’m realizing there’s very little romance in the story. There wasn’t all that much romance to begin with and we may not see much more of Linda in the rewrite. So I want to ask my readers if I should just classify the ebook as Christian fiction or should I leave it as a possibly mislabeled Christian romance?

[polldaddy poll=8145174]

Just a note: I know I included an option to add more romance to the story but I’m not sure how much of that can happen. I’m adding scenes within the week between the start and end of the story but this story won’t extend much past where it ends now. I’m including it as an option so I can get a feeling how you guys feel about it.


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