Have you seen the #Hamilfilm yet?

Updated Tue 11 August 2020 to include changes in the order of how the ensemble members are sorted.

The movie had been scheduled for an October 2021 release but, since the coronavirus pandemic shut down the Great Bright Way, the Hamilton producers were able to get the release date pushed up.

As we got ready for the premiere of the movie, dubbed the #Hamilfilm, the Disney Studios Twitter account posted a series of images to serve as a premier program for the film’s release, similar to the Playbills that theatergoers get when they see the stage production. I quickly saved the images to my laptop so I could refer to them while watching the movie, and I ended up creating a PDF of the files to use them more easily. I added a Playbill-style cast listing that incorporates some of the ensemble track information from the Hamilcast podcast, which I’ve already shared on Twitter.

Version 3 of my Hamilfilm complete cast pages

Twitter user Mrs. Bullwinkle told me about a graphic created by The Hamilton Bracelet listing the times within the movie for each of the songs so we can jump to them, and I’ve since added that to my PDF.

Meanwhile, I’ve been asking both the Disney Studios and the Hamilton producers if they’d mind if I shared my PDF. If they said not to share it, I’d drop the matter, but I haven’t gotten any response, so I looked for the best way to share it. I found a website that turns PDF files into digital magazines and created an account, but the uploading process should take ten minutes, and it’s already been over an hour since I uploaded my PDF.

Silly me, because I can easily share the PDF via this site. This is the third version of the PDF, and if I update it again, I’ll update this page. The first version was just the images from the Disney Studios, and the cast pages above, although without the source credit for the ensemble tracks and the head shots. The second version added the Hamilton Song Cheat Sheet, and this newest version got the credit information on the cast pages.

Of course, if Disney or the Hamilton team asks me to take this PDF down, I will. In the meantime, I hope this adds to your enjoyment of the #Hamilfilm. If you’re like me and wasn’t sure if you wanted to buy Disney+, the $9.99 monthly cost is a lot less than the price of a ticket to the theatre, and you can watch it as many times as you want in any given month. Talk about a bargain!

Watch the #Hamilfilm on Disney+. Make sure you watch the whole credits to hear the exit music that you can’t hear on the Original Broadway Cast Recording (OBCR), and don’t forget to watch the extras.

*Alas, not every country around the world can get Disney+, so their wish still has yet to be granted.

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