The latest bit of Babeliciousness is finally online

I finally got the video of Babe the kitty, or the “goddamned kitty cat” as George Carlin once put it, is finally up. It’s her proper introduction to the white stuff she saw falling from inside, and she’s definitely not like other felines on YouTube. A lot of cats get into the snow and have a ball with the cold white stuff, but not Babe. Her primary human put her down on the snowy ground, and let’s just say it made for a very short video. She’s usually a very quiet kitty, but she makes her displeasure quite known when she finds the kitchen door closed to not let the heat out.

View on YouTube

Needless to say, Babe was mad at her “dad” for putting her down in the snow and not letting her back in fast enough. And she was pissed at me, her “aunt,” for getting a video of it. Thank the Great Mother she didn’t do what a friend suggested and lock us both outside.

A glimpse at a video I would have made for the Franklin Park photobook

Read my posts about the Franklin Park photobook I wanted to make this past summerSome of my readers will remember that at the end of the summer I ran a Kickstarter campaign to try to raise funds to buy the equipment I needed to create a photobook of a year in Boston’s Franklin Park.┬áNot only would I have┬átaken a year’s worth of pictures for the book, I also would have shots some videos as well. This morning I was finally able to shoot a video that I’ve wanted to make for a year and a half. more “A glimpse at a video I would have made for the Franklin Park photobook”