My Two Lives has a new look

As I’ve uploaded pictures and videos to Flickr and YouTube, I decided it was time to update the logo and branding for the site. I’m glad to be able to present a new look for My Two Lives across my various platforms.

Logo for Transbian Studio, my home recording studioAs I started setting up my home recording studio I created a logo for the studio, even though I’ll probably be the only person recording racks in it. It’s visible in the photo on that article as the bug in the lower right corner, and it’s based on the transbian (transgender lesbian) flag that HunterCatato shared on Reddit. I also included pictures of the Squier Strat and microphone I use.

The New Logo

The rebranded logo for the site uses the transbian flag and adds a Fender Stratocaster icon to represent my music, a cat icon for my request posts everywhere about the feline overlords in my house, and an icon with someone jumping into their computer screen to represent my use of the Second Life virtual worlds and communities.

My Two Lives logo (YouTube version)

I created the basic logo was created with the logo maker from Namecheap. the company that handles the hosting for my various websites. In the coming weeks, my YouTube channel will carry the My Two Lives moniker, and you can find my photostream on Flickr at (Yes. it changed with the rebranding. I’m updating the links where needed.)

Follow me on the things

There are so many things coming up this summer, and I hope you’ll follow My Two Lives on all the things so you don’t miss anything. You’ll notice I don’t have any links to X (née Twitter), Facebook, or Instagram. Those platforms have been taken over so much by haters that both as a trans person and as someone who cares about those who are voiceless, I refuse to give them my time or my data. I’m too old and do too many things to have the energy to deal with that kind of [Nan-E filter]male cow droppings[/Nan-E filter].